If your environment is filled with worried faces and sad comments, you will be worried and sad.

If people act like you are dying, you will start to believe it. 

Will power and healing are greatly improved by the believe that all is as normal as it can be.

Last minute grovelling will not ease the concsience of years lost.


Go me!

Dragged my butt out of bed this morning and felt like death. Got my sorry ass to work (15 mins late but I was there dammit) and worked my tail off. It was good. The day flew by! Then I dragged my carcass to the gym and put in a strong 45 minute workout. AND I walked the dogs, AND I was under my calorie goal. Woot!

Days without coffee=36
Days without pop=2
Days with 0 migraine triggers=1

Headache pain=4/10
back pain=8/10 am, 3/10 pm

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Try, try again

So I've been encouraged to try this blog business yet again. Harumph.

This last week has flown by, and, although I haven't gotten everything done on my to-do list, I've gotten about 60% done plus a whole pile of unplanned stuffs. 

Went with the guys to all the usual places in the last couple of days and decided to find some new places to get into trouble. Up next  - Gatineau Park.  I've never been and I'm overdue.  Surfed for zoo prices and found that they are INSANE. Seriously. Water parks are cheaper, cooler, and funner.

I think a trip to Mont Cascades will be my end of summer reward for weight loss.  That's right folks, back on the band wagon. I fell off about a week ago, but, I've had my fill of crap (and now feel like crap - it's true, you are what you eat) and so I'm more than ready to give-er again.
WoOot!   PS Found my "Body by Jake" DVD. Love that guy. He says "Buttissimo". LOL :P

Planned a picnic for today (go me go) which will now be indoors (in my non-air-conditioned central-air home) due to weather. (Enough rain already! The grass aint gettin' any greener!) but I spent a good chunk of my morning finding all my sauces (OMG I think I have more sauces than Sobey's) and chopping up the veggies for burgers/hot dogs.  I had the macaroni all cooked before I realized I had no miracle whip to make macaroni salad. (Shakes head).   I also put out some way fun neon coloured summery decor (tablecloth, plastic dishes, napkins) and this'll be fun summer decor now actually looks more like a 4 year old's birthday party. Hehehehe who cares, gotta have fun sometimes.  ...  Now where'd I put my bubble stuff? LOL

Spent yesterday cleaning my balcony, livingroom (hanging pictures), bunny cage, dining room and some of the kitchen.  Looks great. Today is 'stairs and front porch' day. The rest of the house will have to wait for another day.

Had a look over my list of to-dos for the impending party - still lots of money to spend yet and a couple of more dates at Costco - and OH! Great, I now owe my membership fee for next year. D'oh.

I would do almost anything to swim in a nice cool pool today.

In headache news, 8/10 pain Saturday night, 6/10 pain Sunday, and 3/10 today... but backaches now (too much bending cleaning- Housework is major cardio).  C'mon neurologist.

OK Time to stop being a lazy bum and get back to livin'. :-)



Today, I not only went to the gym, but I also did almost the exact
same workout I had been doing in May, AND got the courage to use the gym showers today, and only weigh 2 pounds more than I did then despite all the crap I've eaten and no exercising. What a great kick start!

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ywent to Dekos's yesterday... One of my favorite weekend things to do :). Procrastinated all day and then had friends over in the evening. How perfect! Today, finishing up some housework, going for a walk, mebbe dipping my feet in the water and planning my next sewing project. I love summer! Do I ever miss that 2 month summer vacation during the school year though... Why do they condition us for they? Seems cruel. Lol. Guess I should have been a teacher afterall. If I won millions of dollars, I'd go back to school, and then open my own school!

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Wow, where to start?  I'm happy.

Things have been good, and I'm feeling like starting over again.  Life makes sense again.
Back with my team, back on my morning hours, back to the gym, all good.

I got an iphone. That makes me disgustingly happy.  So much to learn!
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"Dr.:  Do you have problems with a significant other? 
Patient:  Ya, I'm not very significant"
 - Stigmata

Besides the marital squabbles, had a good weekend.  Got some housecleaning done and put my dining room back in the proper dining room area of the house - so everyone should be happy. Nobody seemed to like it in the other room. Fine then. LOL Place is finally starting to look halfways tidy again.
And OOOOOO you should see my garden. It's looking awesome. I'm totally stoked for harvesting. :D
Thanks to some tips from my bro (aka yardwork expert) I think I might actually have something to harvest!
Also, got some decent books at the book sale, and got some work (from work) done, so I'll feel better about my job tomorrow (yay!) I think  I'll do the same thing weekend after next if I'm still not caught up - this worked out pretty well.

Oober curious to hear about the non-wedding wedding.

This week ahead - written french test and admin day @ palais de congres. <boo and double boo>.

**Update 1: French test: FAIL.**
**Update 2: Admin Day: WIN**
**Update 3: 2' tall beans plants AND peppers started to grow - WOOT!**
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New Products

Product #1 - Dirt Devil Steam Vac
Score - 7/10 

Impressed by this product, did a great job cleaning, but a crappy job getting pet smells out which was promised by the cleaner and the soap. Easy to use, but a pain in the butt filling & dumping water.
Would both recommend and purchase, but would likely complain about on occasion.

Product #2 - Sleep Revolution Mattress
Score - 10/10

Is everything I'd hoped for.  For real.
I wish they made every household product.

Random not product related comment:
Jessie's cat.

Cat threw a tantrum when I unlocked the door. Hissing & Jumping. When I said Cat, be nice! I my jessiest tone, cat did in fact be nice.  She took treats right out of my hand, AND let me pet her. Until she randomely decided enough! with no warning and left me with 13 battle wounds in under 3 seconds. 
Patricia 1 cat 13

Second Random not product related comment:
John C is asking about Jessie. Jess is apparently in the dead zone. Hope she is enjoying the non-wedding wedding.
Work is not the same. Is sad.

Last Random not product related comment:
My brother dan is coming to stay with me for the entire week. I have work for him. :) Yay tall, strong younger brothers. 
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OOoo Happy!!!

Back from Easter break, which totally felt for a vacation! Got to take a stroll in the park and take some pictures (way relaxing) and just plain chillax. :)   Even the not kewl parts didn't ruin the weekend.

(Not kewl parts of this weekend: one of the weddings was been cancelled <guess I don't need the dress!>, and my Dad's truck was broken into and all the boys hunting/fishing stuff and some tools, and the stereo was stolen.)

Got to come back early, get some stuff done, and take a nap (yes, a nap!!). Things are good.

I'm looking forward to my new Acting tomorrow afterall, and even looking forward to getting back on the wagon at the gym & diet. Easter was good for me.

Looking forward to working with JR again (woot!) and gonna go in early to bring the stuff for my desk.  I think I've even figured out a way to limit the damage that I had been worried about.

I'm excited for the farmers markets opening up again soon (mmmm farm fresh eggs) and I put some sunny carnations on my bar.

We finally figured out our master plan for the house: wainscotting and two oooober nice chairs for the living room (more like TV nests than chairs - gotta have'em. Now just have to figure out how to get them to Ottawa.) If we do get them, we might even be able to double whammy the bonuses and give ourselves a hide-away to sleep on while we're away!  So now, just have to start setting aside the moola and time to make it happen.

Do-dah, Do-dah!